Dear Exhibitors,

Our Exhibitions include a variety of Contemporary artworks from the primary and secondary market by world-renowned artists both living and deceased.

Our Wildlife Studio’s exhibition programmes are planned one year or more in advance and most exhibitions are the result of proposals produced by our in-house curatorial team. Exhibitions and commissions generally come from direct invitations to artists by our curators, therefore, we regret that Our Wildlife Studio can only rarely accommodate unsolicited artist submissions and projects.

If you do wish to send an exhibition proposal or examples of your work for consideration, this should be directed to our curatorial team by email.

All submissions will be reviewed by the curatorial team, but please note the following:-

* Submissions are only accepted via email i.e. no gallery walk-ins
* A covering letter should be included whereby the work/ project is introduced to us,  along  with a CV if deemed appropriate
* Should an exhibition proposal be accepted, kindly let us know your ideal timescale for realising the project
* Our Wildlife Studio will endeavour to respond to the proposals which are of suitability and appropriate for our programmes. However, due to a large volume of proposals we receive, we kindly ask for your patience whilst we are reviewing submissions which can take two or three months.

Thanking you in advance for your kind understanding.